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Welcome to Augusta's Number One Photography Blog!

Don't fact check that, haha!

Hi! My name is Evamaria Foltz. I own and operate Foltz Photography LLC and I also have the great privilege of being the mother of 2 boys, and the wife of a loving and supportive husband. My passion lies in artistic portraits and in doing so, I have the honor of creating lasting connections with everyone I have the privilege of meeting.

This blog is a place for me, as a small business owner in the CSRA, to share my love for our local community and all of its great assets. I have been in the Augusta area for about 7 and a half years now and one thing I have grown to appreciate is our collective support for small business.

My goal is to make posts that add value to your life (as the consumer) and to the lives of other entrepreneurs in our blossoming area. Please enjoy my blog and feel free to send me your topic recommendations like favorite restaurants, boutiques, salons, and more!

Know of or own a small business that would like to host a guest blog or informational Q&A?

Reach out to me and let's make it happen!

Thanks for reading-- check back for more!

I hope to use this blog to inform those in Augusta and the surrounding areas, including our neighboring South Carolina communities of North Augusta, Aiken, Edgefield, and beyond, all that our home sweet home has to offer!

Since you made it this far, check out my VIP members only facebook group. I post behind the scenes information, model calls, and do AH-MAZING!!! give-aways. Don't miss out!

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