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I'm sure we've all been there! It's Saturday night and there's not a dang thing to do in the CSRA that you haven't done with your partner at LEAST a million times. You'd post about it in a local Facebook group, but we all know how that would go!

"Welcome to Disgusta", they'd say.

I, on the other hand, LOVE Augusta, and all of the beautiful offerings it has.

Here is my list of the TOP 3 date night locations in Augusta, GA and immediate surrounding areas & the price range for these spots!

a woman is standing outside of Manuels bread cafe in north augusta holding a purse. she is wearing a sun dress and sunglasses posing for a photo
Manuels bread cafe north augusta

This is my husband's and my favorite date night spot, with or without the kiddos. The food is out of this world amazing and appropriately priced for the quality. I love Manuel's because it is a one size fits all restaurant. Fancy date night? Put on your best dress and order their best wine from the extensive wine menu. Feelin' casual but want good ambience? Confidently rock those jean shorts and messy buns and enjoy the scenic outdoor seating in the heart of North Augusta in Hammond's Ferry. After you finish eating, head on down the block and enjoy the wholesome views of the Savannah River. If you time it right, you can walk right on down to my next date night spot.

Photo of the SRP Greenjackets stadium at dusk. The baseball field and seats are in the distance.
SRP Green Jackets Stadium

The beautiful new SRP Stadium lies just over the 13th street bridge in North Augusta, South Carolina. Catching a home game is a great way to spend the afternoon with good company, for baseball enthusiasts and casual spectators alike! Baseball is one of America's favorite past-times and I love going to the ball game with my whole family. We've tried just about every seat, but my favorite spot was when we lucked out and snagged some box seats from one of my neighbors for free! Even without the luxury of a private bar and restroom, you can access classic baseball snacks and food, as well as a few signature Greenjackets Cocktails, and of course your favorite beers on draft and out of the can. Be sure you don't bring any large bags as they have a clear bag policy. You can grab one in their gift shop or online for just a few dollars. The private lounge in the box seat area is worth the splurge, btw! It has its own private bar AND bathrooms!

When you are really ready to just escape from it all, you need not even leave the CSRA to do so. The Willcox basically defines high class with their famous southern hospitality and luxurious ambience. This place seriously knows how to awe its guests. Every detail is taken into consideration- the staff even turns down your bed for you, including putting a hot water bottle in your cashmere sheets to warm them up (seriously!). Just when you think it couldn't get any better, the resort also has a large pool, a cardio room, and a full spa and salon. I don't think I need to qualify this place too much; it really speaks for itself. If you're really in a treat yourself mood, you have got to check out the beautiful resort. I am pretty sure I'd never want to leave!


Let me know what you think about. these 3 date night destinations. I really enjoy our great community and all of the fun things we have to do around here. Check back for more date night ideas! If you own a business and would like to be featured on my blog, please feel free to contact me. I also would love to hear any other recommendations from my viewers.

Until next time,

Foltz Photography

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