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Three Awesome Hair Salons in Augusta, Ga

How to find the perfect salon, what to look for, what to expect

This is a collection of 3 awesome salons in the CSRA– read on for more info!

What do you do if you're feeling like a change, but don't know who to trust? I've got you covered with this list of 3 awesome hair salons in the Augusta, Evans area!

I think you should treat yourself. You deserve it. And I don't think you should settle when it comes to your beautiful hair. Personally, I have been known to change up my hairstyle a time or two (or three) a year; I am obsessed with changing up my image and a new haircut or color really helps me feel like I am a pampered goddess. I want you to feel this way at a salon that is quality and unique. Try to avoid those last minute chops and color decisions though; save your budget for something that will really do you justice and go to a fabulous salon. Fortunately for us, we have a lot of great options in town.

Below you'll find 3 suggestions for a quality, friendly, and luxurious new hair salon, and 1 awesome barber shop that I love.

Things to Consider

This is just a small list of my favorite spots, but keep in mind a few logistics:

How far away are you willing to travel? You might need to go fairly often for touch-ups and trims and gas is expensive!

Are you expectations accurate? A great hair stylist will go over management, investment expectations, is this even possible for your hair type/color, and does this style you have in mind work with your budget

Are you wanting a quick in and out experience or do you want to be pampered? I know we're all busy, but I personally love to set aside a whole afternoon for my haircut/color days. Some of you might just want a quick trim, no gab, and go. There's no wrong way to experience a salon, but keep these things in mind when you are deciding on the perfect spot for you.

Salon #2: Old Tyme Tattoo and Barber

Salon #3: His and Hers Hair Salon


A place to relax, unwind, and get top quality service

Located at 139 Davis Rd. Suite A in Augusta, Ga, DJ and Co. has been my go-to salon for over 3 years. Personally, I see DJ for my services but his whole staff is beyond qualified and amazing at their craft. Some of DJ's staff have been working for him for 20+ years. As a fellow business owner, I really admire anyone that can keep employees long term -- He's gotta be doing something right!

On top of my adoration for DJ Williams as a person and stylist, his salon provides one of the most luxurious environments in all of Augusta, in my opinion. I traveled salons for a long time before I found DJ & Co. and after the first time, I knew it would be my home salon. They can do everything! Custom Redkin color, expert haircuts (intricate and standard cuts alike), perms, extensions, and MORE! After your experience in the salon, don't forget to check out their full service spa, where you can get massages, facials, eyelash extensions, and micro-needling.

In addition to their salon and hair treatment services, DJ & Co. also hosts amazing hair stylists, like Anslee Williams, that can do almost any hair style you'll need. Anslee is an AMAZING choice for your wedding hair style or other special occasion hair needs.

If you do end up going to DJ & Co, tell them Foltz Photography sent you and you'll receive a credit towards your service fee. They love referrals!

DJ & Co has been rated Augusta's Best Salon for 10 years straight and going!

A woman is sitting in a salon chair at DJ & Co in Augusta, Ga with brown hair and honey highlights
My beautiful custom cut and color by DJ Williams

Located at 4460 Washington Road, Suite 5 in Evans, GA, Old Tyme is a place for everyone! Whether you're just not looking for a spa experience, or just don't have the budget for one right now, this next spot is perfect for you and everyone in-between!

Old Tyme is my husband's favorite barber. My 3 year old son also loves coming to get his hair cut here as well. This is such a unique spot, reminiscent of the old days, where you can just walk in and get a fresh cut right and hop over for a fresh tatt after! (Of course, now we thankfully have better health and safety standards.) The interior of the barbershop is decked out with vintage funky decor and you really get that old school vibe while getting your hair cut by some very friendly and welcoming barbers. This shop is great for adults and kids. One of my favorite touches is that they have little ones sit on a skateboard deck instead of a booster pad for their hair cuts. My husband's military regulation fade always looks super stylish and clean and the barbers have always been so good with my 3 year old (and my 32 year old!) The tattoo parlor next-door is full of talented artists as well.

A father and son are sitting in barber chairs getting haircuts at Old Tyme Tattoo and Barber in Augusta, GA
My husband and son getting a fresh cut together!

The last salon on my list is His and Her Hair Salon, which I feel like is a great in-between for those wanting quality and ambiance, while not wanting to splurge too much on price.

Don't let that last sentence deter you, though. This salon has been around for over 40 years. They also have two convenient locations on Washington Road in Augusta, and Central Avenue (On the Hill) also in Augusta. It is likely that one of these will be convenient to you, which is an amazing perk! They offer cuts, styles, and treatments, and even offer makeup services. So if you have a big day planned, His and Hers Salon can be a one stop shop for your whole family!

Where do you love to get your hair cut at? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, I invite any small business owners in the CSRA to reach out to me if they are interested in being featured on my blog. I love to support our #shopsmall community!

Until next time,

Evamaria Foltz

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