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Interior Designers in Augusta, Georgia

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

4 local interior designers in the Augusta that will help you decorate your space with style and comfort in mind!

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Finding a good interior designer in your area can be challenging, but not impossible. One of the best ways to find a great interior designer is through word-of-mouth recommendations. In the case of Augusta, Georgia, there are plenty of people who know how to design an impeccable space. These top interior designers in your area know how to make an ordinary home look extraordinary. If you want to know more about these top interior designers in Augusta, keep reading!

Brit Nelson Interiors

Britney Nelson is a flourishing interior design company in Augusta, Georgia, that specializes in creating modern, authentic spaces. The interior designers at Brit Nelson Interior have years of experience with creativity and style. They understand how to create spaces that are functional, yet aesthetically pleasing. If you are looking for a designer that can create a space that is both modern and traditional, then Brit Nelson Interiors is the interior design firm for you. This talented designer believes that every room should follow a theme that matches the rhythm and colors of your life; With each new renovation or addition, the design should follow the same concept. This will help make the space feel unified, unique, and personal. I am working with Britney on my home and office and I most appreciate how she shines when it's time to focus on the important details and is graceful in honoring our personal tastes. Brit and her team of designers understand how to make an ordinary space extraordinary. In addition to home spaces, Brit also does commercial space design so that your clients can feel the story of your brand from the second they walk through your doors. Brit also specializes in helping you get your home "Masters Ready". She knows the ins and outs of what is standard and expected, and how to really wow your guests so they can be as comfortable as possible in their home away from home. Brit takes limited Master's Tournament houses, so be sure to book early and relax knowing you took one thing off your to-do list for your most hectic time of year.

Wesley Cadle

As one of the country's most exclusive interior designers, Wesley Cadle's clients are almost guaranteed beautiful designs for every room of their home. The interior design works of Wesley Cadle center on experience and emotion. He takes on large homes, high-profile events, and other extravagant needs. If you are looking for a designer that can design a home following mid-century modern, contemporary, or anything in between, you'll want to look to Wesley. His designs flow from his creative mind and end up looking sharp and unique. Whether he's working on Mercedez Fashion Week's Star Lounge, a new construction home in Augusta, or a large event, there is evidence of passion and talent in all of his work. Working with Wesley is best suited for those who want no expense spared to make their dream spaces come to life.

Gina Speegle Interiors

If you are looking for a well-resourced interior design company in Augusta, Georgia, look no further than Gina Speegle Interiors. Gina specializes in traditional, classic southern feeling designs, making her the perfect fit for a home in the CSRA. If you are looking for a designer that can create a space that looks and feels beautiful and elegant, then Gina Speegle Interiors is the design firm for you. Gina works with many of my dear friends and can get a complete seasonal turn-over done in one business day-- I've seen it with my own eyes when she turned my friend's house into an elegant christmas paradise, complete with a ceiling height decorated tree, table settings, and more (seriously it was like something from a movie set!), all done by the time he got home from his work day! Gina's connections in Augusta go deep, and so does her passion to make pleasing home designs. If your style leans more traditional, Gina is the gal for you! Gina is another expert in our area that can turn your beautiful home into "Master's Ready" perfection. As with anything else that involves The Master's Tournament, book early! A talented designer like Gina books out months ahead of time.

Persnickety Interiors

Persnickety Interiors creates beautiful traditional, coastal, and exterior designs in Augusta, Georgia and beyond. The interior designers at Persnickety Interiors have over two decades of experience and can handle any project you throw at them. Persnickety Interiors believes that "great interior design service should be within everyone’s reach" and they pride themselves on saving their clients time AND money with their services. In addition to home design, they also have an event decorating specialty that can provide the perfect decor for your wedding, gala, corporate function, and more! Not only can they decorate your event, they can also serve as your event planner! If you're looking for a one-stop shop, Persnickety Interiors is an excellent choice!

Bottom line

Finding a good interior designer in your area can seem overwhelming-- we just have too many fabulous options! I hope this blog helped you narrow down your top choices in the CSRA. Safe to say, I think you're in good hands with all of these firms; you really can't go wrong with all of our amazing local design professionals. Did I forget to list someone that you loved working with? Let me know in the comments below! If you are interested in having your business featured on one of my blog posts, please contact me!

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Until next time,

Evamaria Foltz

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