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Windsor Jewelers Augusta, GA

In the heart of Augusta, Georgia, across the street from the Augusta National Golf Course, you'll find Windsor Jewelers of Augusta, GA. Windsor Jewelers is a family-owned and operated establishment. The beautiful store is associated with luxury, quality, and exceptional service, as it has been known for over four decades. Having such a rich history, exquisite selection of jewelry, and commitment to its community, Windsor Jewelers is a fine example of elegance and excellence.

A pair of sapphire and diamond earrings such as one might find at Windsor Jewelers in Augusta, GA

A Tradition of Excellence

Windsor Fine Jewelers was founded in 1975 by Donnie Thompson, a seasoned gemologist passionate about exquisite jewelry. Mr. Thompson also owns Friedman’s Jewelers, which his grandfather started. He sought to continue his grandfather’s example of providing the residents of Augusta with access to the finest jewelry and timepieces from around the world, with a high regard for excellent customer service. Today, the Jewelry chains are operated by Donnie’s sons, Donnie Jr. and Charles, who continue to honor their family’s mission and still set the gold standard for jewelry boutiques in August, GA.

A Dazzling Showcase of Fine Jewelry

Windsor is very well known for selling the finest jewelry in Augusta. Windsor Fine Jewelers offers it all for occasions such as finding the perfect engagement ring, gifting yourself a necklace, or finding a spectacular pair of timeless earrings.

Their selection offers designs from many well-known names and brands, contemporary and vintage, which means there’s something for every taste. From a simple solitaire diamond to a custom-made piece, the staff at Windsor Jewelers will guide you through the process so that you can find the perfect match for your taste and budget.

A diamond engagement ring such as one might find at Windsor Jewelers in Augusta, GA

Unforgettable Engagement Rings

Finding the perfect engagement ring is an important life decision. Windsor Fine Jewelers understands the importance of this moment and offers an unparalleled selection of engagement rings and wedding bands. They offer GIA-certified diamonds and unique settings to make finding a ring that symbolizes your love and commitment easy.

Additionally, Windsor is known for their expert staff. They will work with you to create a unique ring by helping you choose the diamond's cut and carat weight and selecting the metal and design that resonate with your style and best fits your lifestyle.

Timepieces that Stand the Test of Time

In addition to being known for its fine jewelry, Windsor Fine Jewelers is also the perfect place for watch enthusiasts. They have a massive collection of luxury timepieces, including brands such as Rolex, TAG Heuer, and Patek Philippe. Many fine watch companies are selective about who can sell their pieces, so the fact that Windsor offers them is a testament to their company.

From dressy watches to sporty ones, Windsor Fine Jewelers’ wide range of options will ensure you find what you want to suit your needs.

a sports watch such as one might find at Windsor jewelers Augusta, GA

Community Commitment - Thunder of Evans

Beyond the jewelry, Windsor Fine Jewelers is known for being very committed and supportive of its local community. They proudly support non-profit organizations and the United States Armed Forces, producing events such as Thunder Over Evans in honor of the military. Their support contributes to the betterment of Augusta and its residents—their efforts to give back show that they are more than just a jewelry company.

An Unforgettable Shopping Experience

A visit to Windsor Fine Jewelers is guaranteed to be more than just another shopping trip; it's an experience. The boutique’s warm and inviting atmosphere and friendly and knowledgeable staff create an environment where you feel valued and cherished. Come to receive expert advice, explore their jewelry collections, or browse. No matter the purpose of your visit, you are receiving the kind of personalized service that Windsor Jewelers is so well-known and loved for.


In the world of big chain stores, Windsor Fine Jewelers stands out in Augusta, Georgia. With its rich history, exquisite selection, commitment to community, and dedication to creating unforgettable shopping experiences, it's no wonder that Windsor Jewelers has become a cherished destination for generations of local customers. Windsor Jewelers is where timeless elegance and exceptional service come together, making it the perfect resource for all of your fine jewelry needs.

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