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The Partridge Inn, Augusta, GA - Brunch Edition

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Brunch augusta ga

Do you love brunch? Are you hunting for some of the best places to get a fantastic brunch in the CSRA? Well, chances are that if you answered yes to both these questions, you’ve probably been to The Partridge Inn in historic Augusta, GA. This cozy Inn has been a staple in Augusta, GA, since 1910. It is widely recognized as one of Augusta’s favorite spots for weekend brunch. If you’re looking for somewhere to brunch right, then this article is just perfect for you! From fresh squeezed mimosas to eggs benedict, there is something here for all types of palates, interests, and occasions. I’ll review the details of my recent visit to get you jazzed for your experience at The Partridge.

What to wear to The Partridge Inn, Augusta, GA

If you want to experience the full charm and ambiance of fine southern dining, then a pair of jeans and a hoodie may or may not be the best. This brunch spot can be casual or an opportunity to wear your Sunday Best. The Partridge offers a relaxed but classy atmosphere where you can feel comfortable dressed down or up. I opted for a flowy dress and a pair of comfy pumps, perfect for the atmosphere and sunny fall weather.

Brunch mimosas augusta ga
Nothin' like a fresh mimosa!

Drinks at The Partridge Inn

The Partridge serves a wide range of alcoholic drinks that are perfect for brunch. While they didn’t offer bottomless mimosas, I found their mimosas to be fresher tasting, and the serving size was generous. They have a full bar to accommodate if you prefer to order a mixed cocktail to get your weekend off right or conclude it on a great note. Regarding non-alcoholic options, their coffee was excellent and freshly brewed. There was also an array of freshly steeped loose-leaf teas. Keeping things lighter, you can also ask for a glass of sparkling water while waiting for your main course. The service was friendly, and our waiter, Skylar, was very attentive, ensuring we never ran out of refreshments.

Dining etiquette for brunch at The Partridge

There is no set rule for dining etiquette at The Partridge Inn. However, there are things that you can always count on: excellent food, great service, and a more than pleasant ambiance. You could go with a friend or two and order a bit of everything from the menu. You really can’t go wrong.

Sunday brunch augusta ga
The light was too good to pass up a selfie with my bestie!

Partridge Inn, Augusta, GA Brunch Experience

There were many options on the brunch menu, and I got a custom meat lovers omelet. It included home fries and toast, and I also ordered the most amazing French toast. Seriously- 10/10! The Partridge Inn is a great place for vegetarians, with customizable options and offers that would suit dietary preferences and restrictions. The Partridge Inn provides a menu of offerings that are clearly made from scratch. Admittedly, this is one of the more pricey brunch options in town. I think it offers a more high-end experience, with food ingredients locally sourced and a view of Augusta that can’t be beaten. Remember that drinks and gratuity aren’t included in the price of the dishes. - If you want to know how much your meal will cost, always ask what is included in the price. - If you have kids, The Partridge Inn is a great place to bring them. It is family-friendly and offers options that even they would love!

the partridge inn Augusta ga
Our Sunday Brunch Order

Bottom Line

If you want to experience the charm and ambiance of historic Augusta, GA, I highly recommend The Partridge Inn. You can expect excellent food, great service, and a pleasant atmosphere. The Partridge Inn serves a wide range of alcoholic drinks that are perfect for brunch. You can expect to enjoy your afternoon with good food and company. I recommend bringing a girlfriend or two for Sunday brunch. Have you been to The Partridge Inn? Let me know your experience in the comments below! Check out this short video for a rundown of the afternoon!

Until next time!

Evamaria Foltz

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